Welcome to the page of TEREN-BUD Ltd. company dealing with distribution and installation of materials from Cofra and Geotechnics Holland companies and other. The offered materials and technologies are used in hydraulic engineering and environment protection as well as in industrial building.

We offer in the scope of hydraulic engineering:

  • Sheet piles made of PVC
    sections of excellent properties resistant to bending and large loads and corrosion, interchangeable with typical steel sections. Used for regulation of rivers, canals, small yacht ports, for reinforcement of river embankments. Possibility to install in trapezoid or corrugated sheet arrangements.

  • MebraDrain vertical drains
    band drains for low-bearing soils, installed to the depth of 45.0 m, accelerating consolidation of soils designed for investments.

  • BeauDrain draining system
    combination of vertical draining with horizontal one, used in combination with vacuum system accelerating carrying water away from consolidated areas.

  • AuGeo system of light piles
    system of piles driven into soil, quick, fast in installation in all places where there is no possibility for earlier consolidation of low-bearing soils. Installed in adequate net together with geo-nets forms an ideal solution for railway embankments, roads, embankments, etc. We offer in the scope of environment protection:

  • geomembranes made of polyethylene of high and low densities (HDPE, VFPE)
    materials commonly used for sealing of:
    - municipal and industrial waste dumps and storage yards
    - fuel terminals
    - lagoons for liquid manure
    - water reservoirs in ground and canals
    - concrete structures and tanks

  • Geolock sheet pilings
    sheet pilings made of geomebrane sheets driven into soil around contaminated areas or municipal and industrial waste dumps, in combination with sodium bentonite are nowadays the safest solution used in the world, guaranteeing containing of contaminated soils and underground water.

  • DDS monitoring system of sealing
    Monitoring system of sealing made of plastics offered by us, named DDS, confirms sealing guarantees of executed sealing. Such system allows for finding and repairing of any damages occurring in sealing during its installation or in the course of object operation. It indicates damages with the accuracy of 15 cm. The offered systems are used on objects up to 20 years.

  • Trisoplast sealing system
    sealing being a geo-composite of calcium bentonite and sand; 7.0 cm thick layer of compacted Trisoplast corresponds to 75 cm of compacted / rolled layer of clay of adequate properties. At present, the best known protection in the world used for reclamation of old waste dumps and landfills. It exceeds several times bentomates, sodium bentonite and traditional clay with its life.

    We will deliver and install all the described materials and technologies to any place indicated by you. We also prepare technical designs and co-operate with design offices in the scope of technologies offered by us. We make available all the software helpful in design. Browse our page in hope of finding technology that meets your requirements. For more information go to pages of our suppliers we are associated with.
    You are welcome.